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The most frequent questions


 1. What do I make if a drug comes to an end?

 A: Postbuy by no means the same drug. But contact the practise and if necessary an appointment agree.


2. How does it go on after the acupuncture?

A: They get as a therapy all 5-6 weeks a drip with vitamin C and if necessary Meaverin or ask you to us.


3. In which distances is there the health examination?

A: There is the examination all 2 years from 35 years (with ECG)


4. Why the blood must be decreased so early?

 A: Because the blood is fetched at a lab courier on time and we must examine it not on site and some parametres soberly be identified.


5. How often should the drip be made if I get acupuncture?

A: With every acupuncture a drip takes place or by request of the patient, one can carry out the acupuncture also without drip. Afterwards again all 5 weeks.


6. Why are the waiting periods so long?

A: Of 1. ill patients acute There we, e.g., with infections or stomach bowel disorders on the same day einbestellen and treat.

2. Because we need as a rule longer time for patients with mental and psychic problems and we have for it an open ear.


7. How can I serve to shorten the waiting period?

A: While you maybe call to ask like the waiting period is in practice. Importantly: Always appointments agree


8. How do we treat?

A: We make a comprehensive treatment while we try to find out the causes and to remove. In contrast to the school medicine which only symptoms treat. Hence, the treatment needs a lot of time and perseverance.


9. Which diseases do we treat?

A: We treat acute and chronic illnesses, also hardly treatable diseases. 


10. What can I make if I do not like the music in practice?

 A: They can bring to themselves your music (e.g., iPod or player MP3) and hear.


11. Where do you get the enacted drugs here?

 A: Every chemist's shop should be able to procure the enacted drugs. Nevertheless, there are chemist's shops them on it are specified. Contact Irishmen Sie to us simply and ask.


12. What do I make if I have fallen ill urgently?

 A: Please, immediately in practice announce and ask for an appointment.


13. How can you serve to find parking bays in our suture?

 A: We have contacted the city of Brunswick several times because of the parking bay situation and have tried all possible one. Till present, unfortunately, without success. Even as a doctor I got no extra parking bay. To raise pressure with the city of Brunswick, you can contribute in written or telephone form to it.


14. What can you make if you have an idea or a stimulation for the improvement of the quality of our practise?

 A: They can appeal to us to it and we are very grateful for it.


15. May I call up in practice mobile phone?

A: No. since you assume the liability. Patients with pacemaker can be thereby endangered.




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