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Chirotherapy=manual therapy


Universal to the Chirotherapy

Chirotherapy is an approx. 5000 year-old form of treatment. She has found after the last war in Germany again apprenticeship and spreading. Today exact teachable handle technologies and immediately checkable results have also found the recognition of the university medicine.
The classical university medicine assumes since Virchow from the fact that every illness is a document of the destroyed structure. Chirotherapie is a new reality. It is the medicine of the disturbed functions.





Diagnostics and therapy

The Chirotherapy is a medical handle technology to the diagnostics and therapy of the reversible disturbances of the movement organs. Only the doctor can pursue Chirotherapy. Not of the remedial practical people, not of the osseous breakers, not the physiotherapist and not the masseur. The Chirotherapy has been convincing by her success. To attain the Chirotherapiezusatzbezeichnung, one needs an other education about several years. Also academically the manual medicine is recognised in backbone and Extremitätsengelenken. Nowadays the Chirotherapy is learnt at the university.

Already in the antique advanced civilisations was known how painful malfunctions on the movement apparatus all of a sudden could be removed by handles. This knowledge has been developed. New knowledge has come. The success: the Chirotherapy you begins where it is about reversible malfunctions of the joints.

 A joint blocking forms the basis of these disturbances. The blocking which concerns an anatomically intact one just as a degenerative changed however still functioning joint capable of compensation is the object of the handle therapy. From 1/3 to 2/3 of the patients suffer from disturbances of the movement apparatus. The analysis indicates the predominantly blocking-conditioned character. With it the indication is given to the Chirotherapy.

 The Chirotherapy is medical skill and is used in practice to the healing of the patient. This is why hears the Chirotherapie only in the hand of the chirotherapic qualified doctor. The consideration of the indication and the contraindication is basically a job of the doctor. An unclear indication position or faulty technology can have serious results. However, in the medicine security with the diagnostics and therapy is a condition of responsible action. This is why the manual medicine belongs in the hand of the doctor with the additional name Chirotherapie. Chirotherapie has developed to an academically sound method which hardens by strictly continued basic research further.

Combination with other therapies

Often it is combined the Chirotherapy with physical medicine, segment and Neuraltherapie, the physiotherapy and Pharmakotherapy.


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